Section 278 at Sutton Road Roundabout Maidstone

A New Surface for a New Roundabout

Section 278 Surfacing HRA and Pre Coat Chipping

With only a three day road closure notice over the Friday night on 09th October and the weekend of the 10th and 11th of October 2020 our esteemed client at Tamdown Group set us the challenge of completing the road level realignment and surfacing to this new roundabout on Sutton road Maidstone.

The specification for this project was to first profile plane the areas where the new roundabout layout meets the existing carriageway and then lay an AC20 Binder course to new road level profiles to tie in to the existing binder course which we completed on the Friday night shift ready for surfacing on the day shift on Saturday.

Having achieved the designed profiles on the Friday night we began to surface a 45mm thick layer of 35/14 HRA and 20mm pre coat chippings on the saturday day shift first by laying the inner ring of the round about to achieve the correct camber alignment before laying single sides of each approach.

The final shift on sunday come to a successful end having completed all the alignment works and 3,200m2 of HRA and pre coat chippings to a high quality standard on on time and budget.

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